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Green Bay Packers Bed Set

Posted on: June 03, 2013 by admin

The Green Bay Packers have always historically fielded some of best teams in the NFL despite having one of the smallest markets in the league. Its a sheer mystery how a small city with barely over 104,000 inhabitants can sell out not only all of their home games but away games as well. You will routinely find other stadiums packed full of "cheeseheads," even when the Packers are supposedly on th... [more]

Minnesota Vikings Bed Sets

Posted on: June 03, 2013 by admin

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the most unluckiest teams in the NFL. Any true fan of the purple people eaters will be able to tell you endless stories of heartbreak seasons (with the 98' season being at the top of that list) despite fielding extremely talented teams over the last three decades that were strong favorites to win it all. Maybe one day guys...... [more]

Top 10 Major League Baseball Home Run Hitters

Posted on: July 22, 2013 by admin

It’s amazing the debates you can get into on your lunch break. Today I was dragged into a discussion about who the all-time leader in home runs was in the MLB. Surprisingly, none of us could give a definite answer on who that person actually is. Some said Babe Ruth, some said Mark McGuire and others said Kenny Griffy Jr. Personally, I was right on my first pick but wrong on the others so I... [more]